Our New Hours :

Mon. – Thurs.    Lunch 11:30-03:00      Dinner 05:00-10:00

Fri.                       Lunch  11:30-03:00     Dinner 05:00-11:00

Sat           .           Lunch  12:00-03:00     Dinner 03:00-11:00

Sun.                     Lunch  12:00-03:00     Dinner 03:00-10:00

In the last twenty-five years, owners Oddy and his sister Kanchana have worked in some of the most successful Thai restaurants in the United States. In planning for their own venture they knew it must include:

  • Tasty and consistent food
  • Food and drink prepared and offered in a clean and tidy environment
  • Prices that encourage frequent dining
  • Good and attentive service
  • A pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.

The authentic Thai recipes prepared by Oddy and Kanchana are based on the common fare available in and around their home village of Bangpoo, southeast of Bangkok on the Gulf of Thailand. These recipes include the balance of the four basic tastes found in all Thai food – salty, sweet, sour and bitter; plus hot. Careful preparation of the ingredients includes cutting items into smaller pieces so the seasonings cover more surface area. Smaller pieces also retain crispness and fresh flavors when stir-fried. And of course, fresh ingredients are used in every recipe.